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including pick-up + delivery

As a full-service provider, we handle the entire logistic process of your project if desired - including customs clearance. We have more than 2,000 in-house pallet bays and 4,000 m² of storage space that we keep well-organized by using mobile real-time data collection technology and taking inventory regularly.

We offer diverse storage solutions including Kanban, consignment stocks and safety stocks. Your products are safe with us!

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In a non-binding consultation meeting, we can elaborate the options of a possible cooperation & take a closer look at your requirements.
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More than 2,000 in-house pallet bays and 4,000 m² of storage space ensure flexible and fast availability. Our high-bay storage is a space-saving system that guarantees fast access times. We use mobile real-time data acquisition technology in order to retrieve current storage information at any time.